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Coding Station

Planning the Application of Information

  • Designing, planning, managing, and applying point systems.

  • Designing electronic invoice big data applications and integrating POS systems.

  • Integrating and applying eID identity verification.

  • Planning for information system regulations and operations.

Government Building Columns

Government Procurement and Public Construction

Since its enactment in Taiwan in 1998, the Government Procurement Act (the "GPA") has not only provided the public sector with a fairer and opener procurement system, but also improved procurement efficiency and effect. The GPA further ensures the quality of procurement. Moreover, in terms of the world trade market, the GPA creates a transparent trading mechanism for companies from around the world to participate in Taiwan's public sector procurement procedure. However, procurement projects are usually closely related to public construction. Whether the large-scale public constructions can be completed smoothly will influence the overall economic growth. Besides, it is significant how to take into consideration and balance the interests of both the winning tenderers and their alliance vendors. In light of this, the GPA can be viewed as a social science blending a high degree of legal techniques with practical construction experience.

The Public Construction Commission of Executive Yuan has constantly issued explanations and opinions to work as criteria to deal with certain types of cases. Nevertheless, the types of controversies arising out of government procurement and public construction have become so widely diverse that it is a huge challenge to well handle each different controversial matter. Moreover, controversies arising out of government procurement and public construction often involve with civil litigation, mediation and arbitration, and administrative appeal, petition, and litigation. They can even involve with administrative and criminal liabilities of public servants and vendors. Therefore, controversies in this respect are intricately complex.

Peter Tuen-Ho Yang, Senior Counsel of Taipei Office, has served as an arbitrator and chief arbitrator for government procurement and public construction cases in the Arbitration Association of R.O.C. for a long time. Mr. Yang has also served as a member of public construction mediation committee in government agencies. Thus, Mr. Yang is quite experienced in resolving disputes out of military procurements, MRT, high speed rail, dome stadium, and flood-prevention project cases. He is willing to offer legal advice and services to defend your legitimate rights and interests.

We integrates talents with a wide range of legal and engineering practice experience to provide a variety of professional services as follows:

  • Contract preparation, contracting, and dispute resolution, mediation, arbitration, and civil litigation in government procurement cases.

  • Contract preparation, legal advice, mediation, arbitration, civil litigation, and enforcement in public works cases.

  • Handling of civil disputes, contract provisions and statutory interpretation in government procurement cases and public works cases.

  • Complaints, appeals, and administrative litigation in government procurement and public works cases.

  • Criminal defense strategies for public officials and vendors in government procurement and public works cases.


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