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public policy advisor

Analysis of multiple stakeholders and win-win management

Shaping the future through policies


During the policy formulation process, multiple stakeholders may influence the policy. Assist clients to understand the positions and concerns of possible stakeholders, and provide strategies for communicating and operating with them.

Issue management and monitoring

Information that leads to informed decisions


Assist in identifying key issues and provide corresponding strategies and measures to ensure that customers' voices are heard and influence decisions. For specific topics, monitor relevant meetings, bill progress, proposals and other information. Analyze and evaluate the impact of relevant policies and laws to accurately understand the legislative process and policy formulation information.

Investment advice and enterprise risk management

Leading policy-supported investments


By establishing relationships with multiple stakeholders and the government, we can provide policy development and analysis to ensure that your investment is supported at the policy level, reduce investment barriers, and let us work together on the road to successful investment.

Comprehensive solutions to manage risk and enhance resilience

Flexibly respond to challenges and create a path to long-term success


For commercial disputes, in addition to providing legal services, we assist you in handling commercial disputes and maintaining brand reputation. It also provides policy-level insights into the disputed issues.

Corporate crises caused by government policies will be grasped through topics. Effectively respond to corporate crises arising from policy changes.

We also assist in formulating risk management strategies with you to effectively respond to risks and provide clear direction for your company to enhance brand value and enhance brand resilience to achieve long-term success.

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