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Robert Shih

Tel / 886-2-2577-6123 ext. 205

Email /


  • LL.M., National Chengchi University

  • Bachelor of Management, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology

Professional Qualifications:

  • Licensed Attorney in Taiwan (2004)

  • Licensed CPA in Taiwan (1996)

  • Licensed Real Estate Certificated Agent in Taiwan (1998)

  • Licensed Patent Agent in Taiwan (1995)



  • Executive Attorney, Chia Hon Law Firm

  • Executive CPA, Chia Hon Certified Public Accounting Firm

  • Chief Accountant, Taipei Bar Association

  • Legal Manager, Puhua & Associates

  • Assistant Manager, Audit Dept., Ernst & Young Taiwan

Current Positions:

  • Senior Counsel, GuoJu Law Firm

  • Executive CPA, Guo Ju Certified Public Accounting Firm

  • Financial Supervisor, Taiwan Bar Association

  • Commissioner, Financial Commission, Taiwan Bar Association

  • Director, Taipei Bar Association

  • Deputy Commissioner, Tax Commission of Taipei Bar Association



  • General corporate

  • Tax litigation and planning

  • Investment and shareholding planning

  • Corporate internal control and audit

  • Liquidation and bankruptcy

  • Corporate reconstruction

  • Certification for financial statements

  • Certification for tax matters

  • Commercial registration matters


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Eva Chen

Tel / 886-2-2577-6123 ext. 211

Email /


Bachelor of Commerce, Department of Accounting, National Chung Hsing University



Hong Accounting Firm, Deputy Manager

Taiyi Precision Co., Ltd. Deputy Director of Accounting Department

Ernst & Young Accounting Firm Audit Department Leader

Current Positions:

Accounting Manager, Yageo Accounting Firm



financial review

Tax audit and declaration

Industrial and commercial registration and tax registration

land registration

liquidation bankruptcy



陳佳儀 經理
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