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Enterprise Investment and Merger Planning

Nowadays, business transactions remain active, companies are constantly expanding their businesses through investments or mergers and acquisitions. However, the issues faced by enterprises in investment or merger and acquisition activities are highly complex and must integrate legal, tax, financial, and audit issues. In view of the complexity of corporate investment and merger and acquisition activities, Guo Jue Law Firm (hereinafter referred to as "the Firm") has recruited talents with both legal and business expertise to provide clients with customized investment and merger and acquisition planning, as well as to focus on the active business activities in the Greater China region, and to actively protect clients' interests when engaging in investment and merger and acquisition activities in Mainland China from the perspective and standpoint of Taiwanese and foreign investors. The firm has a number of experienced attorneys with over 10 years of experience, who are able to provide substantive legal services to our clients in various aspects. In addition, the firm has a strategic alliance with Shanghai Martin Hu & Prtners Law Firm and is a member of the internationally renowned Law Firm Network, which enables the firm to provide complete legal services to our clients by integrating considerable resources on cross-strait and cross-country legal issues.

In addition to Alex Hsin's degrees in law and business, he also holds a doctorate degree in international economic law from the East China University of Political Science and Law(Shanghai). In addition, he is also qualified as a barrister in China.

He is also the first person in Taiwan to obtain the qualification of legal accountant in Mainland China, and was the deputy general manager of the Shanghai branch of a well-known international law firm, and is currently the senior partner of Shanghai Martin Hu & Prtners Law Firm. He is a professional with practical experience in investment and merger and acquisition activities in the Greater China region. 

Robert Shih is a licensed lawyer and accountant, and has been practicing as a lawyer and accountant respectively for many years, and is able to accurately grasp different aspects of legal, tax, financial and audit issues for clients engaged in investment or merger and acquisition activities.

  • Incorporation of New Enterprises

  • Enterprise Fund-Raising

  • Investment

  • Merger and acquisition

  • Legal Services regarding Investments in China

  • Dissolution, liquidation, reorganization and Insolvency of Enterprise

Please feel free to contact our Attorney Alex Hsin for any legal questions regarding corporate investment and merger planning.

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E-commerce and Information Services

E-commerce and Information Services

Electronic Commerce (EC) means "to adjust the basis and type of transactions by combining business activities such as buying and selling, products and services through computer networks". This trading model involves the construction of an electronic trading system that digitizes traditional gold and logistics flows and develops information flows.


Information Techenology (IT) refers to "all aspects of managing and processing information", and IT professionals design, develop, support and manage computer software, hardware and networks. As EC and IT are both emerging legal fields, they involve not only civil law, criminal law, copyright law, trademark law, patent law, personal data protection law, consumer protection law, and fair trade law, but also the practical operation of technology and technology, and in response to the demand for e-commerce financial flow services, online and offline (O2O virtual and real services) will also be a new competitive field for e-commerce.

Please feel free to contact our Attorney Paul Chu or Ingrid Tsai for any legal questions regarding E-commerce and Information Technology.

In addition to understanding the characteristics of computer and Internet technology, the firm is also well versed in the direction of legal development in this particular area, and is therefore able to provide complete and appropriate advice to our clients, unlike traditional lawyers who are limited by technical barriers.

Mr. Hsin has been the Executive Supervisor of Taiwan Internet and E-Commerce Associationfor a long time and has a passionate concern for the development of e-commerce. In addition to specializing in intellectual property management, Mr. Chu and Ms. Tsai also have in-depth research on electronic signature and digital certificate system.

They have been providing services to the e-commerce industry for a long time and have assisted government agencies in planning the regulations and operation mechanism of electronic invoicing and other application areas to complete the last mile of e-commerce.

  • Research and Planning of Emerging E-Commerce Service Models

  • E-invoice integration and business model planning

  • Open data and huge amount of data application and supporting mechanism

  • Dispute resolution for personal data protection and privacy

  • Control planning for secure transactions on the Internet

  • Intellectual property rights management and joint proposals

  • Business secrecy and competition prohibition planning and dispute resolution


Accountant at Work

Tax Consulting and
Tax Planning

In a democratic country governed by the rule of law, it is the people's obligation and right to pay taxes according to the law. People have the right to refuse to pay taxes that are unlawfully levied. Therefore, economic activities that do not take into account tax saving planning may result in the mispayment of large amounts of taxes that should not be paid by law. However, if you evade your tax obligations through improper arrangements, you will not only face legal liability, but also be subject to public criticism. In lesser cases, the tax will be paid and penalized; in more serious cases, criminal liability will be incurred, and even irreparable damage will be done to personal reputation and corporate image. In addition to carefully identifying the client's situation and listening to the client's needs, we also have a good grasp of tax-related laws, orders, correspondence, auditing practices, judicial decisions, and even accounting procedures and financial operations, so as to avoid any bias.

Mr. Hsin and Mr. Chu, have many years of practical experience in the field of tax planning and tax litigation. They have a good grasp of tax-related laws, orders, correspondence, audit practices and judicial decisions, and have insightful opinions. In addition to being familiar with tax laws and regulations, Mr. Shih also has extensive practical experience in tax reporting, auditing, accounting procedures, and financial operations.

We have a team of highly professional and dedicated lawyers and accountants in the field of taxation to provide the following services to individuals and corporations:

  • Tax Advisory

  • Tax relief, including representation, negotiation, review, petition, administrative litigation... etc.

  • Tax savings planning, including personal income tax, business income tax, estate tax, gift tax, etc.

Please feel free to contact our Attorney Robert Shih for any legal questions regarding Tax.

Business Operations and Dispute Resolution

Please feel free to contact our Senior Consultant Peter T.H. Yang, Attorney Alex Hsin or Attorney Robert Shih for any legal questions regarding Business Operations and Dispute Resolution.

In modern society, economic activities are becoming more and more diversified, and the scope of transactions is far-reaching, and business operations are becoming more and more complex, ranging from the raising of capital, the distribution of shares, the structure of enterprises, the relationship between employers and employees, to financing, insurance, taxation, and finance. The business requires professional planning and proper design in order to avoid disputes.

In case of disagreement, professional services are needed to find a reasonable solution to ensure the legal rights and interests.

We have more than ten lawyers who are well versed in various legal disciplines and have experience in both cross-strait and foreign law, and can work together with our colleagues from GuoJu Certified Public Accounting Firm, to properly plan the relevant structures and carefully draft the required documents. We have qualified attorneys and allied law firms to serve you in disputes on the west coast of the Strait, the east coast of the Pacific, and around the world.

The firm brings together a multi-faceted set of talents and thinking points to provide a wide range of services in the following areas:

  • Transaction structuring and arrangement

  • Transaction document preparation and review

  • Corporate legal advice

  • Business negotiations

  • Business litigation and arbitration representation and business collection

  • Defense of business-type criminal cases

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