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Human Resource

To maintain perpetual success for an enterprise, a good human resource (HR) structure plays a significant role in it. Also, a well-balanced HR system should consider talent selection, training, maintenance, management, legal compliance, and employment dispute solutions in overall. In order to establish efficient and effective HR management system, we gather experts who are highly experienced and working closely with enterprises. We assist clients to supervise their HR infrastructure with multi-perspective management, intellectual property planning and human capital control. We tailor every comprehensive and feasible HR management factor which fits our clients’ specific needs on the basis of unique features and circumstances in their business fields. Meanwhile, to secure clients’ fully compliance with local regulatory requirements, we also deliver regularly the latest labor-related information and policies.

Alex Hsin, Partner of Taipei Office, is well-acknowledgeable of the cross-strait labor laws and market trends. Paul Chu, Partner of Taipei Office, has been dedicated to assisting enterprises to establish their human resource management in compliance with regulatory requirements for years and possesses profound researches on labor law issues. Robert Shih, Senior Counsel of Taipei Office, is specialized in structuring tax planning and employee incentive planning.

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