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management consulting

Yageo Management Consulting Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "Company")

We have built a strong resource team of information management technology experts,Provide one-stop (One-Stop Shopping) information management technology services to enterprises.

Our expert resources include information security and application architecture experts who are familiar with e-commerce and information technology, as well as professionals who are well versed in business management theory and constantly conduct innovative research. They are good at assisting organizations such as government agencies and enterprises to adapt to information technology. Overall operation planning of trends and innovative business model ideas.

Our firm’s lawyer, Hsing Dazhi, has long served as the Chairman of the Board of Supervisors of the Taiwan E-Commerce Association, and has served as a judge for the Golden Internet Awards held annually by the Ministry of Economic Affairs for several times. In addition to specializing in information security management, our lawyer Zhu Ruiyang also has in-depth research on electronic signatures, personal information management systems and business secret management systems. Therefore, in addition to assisting e-commerce operators in improving information technology application security, it also provides in-depth assistance in e-commerce operations and even technological legal support.

The company's management consulting consultants have received systematic education in business management or information management, and have at least 10 years of experience in business management and asset management. They have a deep understanding of the actual environment of domestic and foreign enterprises, and are focused on computer auditing, information security management, and information security. Incident handling, digital forensics, information system penetration testing, and information security education and training, etc., all have accumulated long-term research results and related project execution experience.

In addition, the company cooperates with its affiliated Yageo lawyer team to learn from the legal nature and professional perspectives of personal information management and information security-related issues, assisting public and non-public agencies in establishing legal compliance personal information management systems, and handling information security incidents. During the process, relevant legal operations and risk control should be taken.

If you have any consulting questions, please leave your questions and contact information in "Contact Us" and we will serve you wholeheartedly.

​Digital identification

​Computer Audit

Consulting on safety and
Profile management

legal advice

Information security education and training

System Penetration Testing

Information security incident handling

Yageo management consulting team provides customized implementation strategies and overall solutions!

Think tank work

  • Quickly and correctly grasp customer needs and problem analysis

  • Propose feasible and effective response strategies to the problems to be solved

  • Domestic and foreign policy system research and management operation planning

Legal and risk assessment

  • Quickly and correctly grasp customer needs and problem analysis

  • Propose feasible and effective response strategies to the problems to be solved

  • Domestic and foreign policy system research and management operation planning

Innovative business model

  • Short, medium and long-term planning combining organizational business development and information technology

  • Business development strategy formulation and organizational value creation

Person Analyzing Data
Big data and Open data
Application planning

In recent years, government agencies or enterprises have been actively developing new application services and business models through the use of huge amounts of data in order to gain greater competitive advantages. However, on the other hand, the risk issues arising from data management cannot be ignored. Our company's management consulting team is good at analyzing the legality of collection behavior of government agencies or enterprises from different angles, so as to facilitate their analysis and application in compliance with relevant regulations such as the Personal Information Law and the Government Information Disclosure Law. By clarifying the sources and attributes of the collected data, Then corresponding to different applicable norms and recommending appropriate management mechanisms. The company has extremely creative and forward-looking planning achievements in various application fields such as smart cities, taxation, e-commerce, medical care, food safety, finance, and environmental protection. In addition, our company assists government agencies in providing legality judgments and operational planning when dealing with open data issues. Lawyer Zhu Ruiyang is also the vice president of the first Open Data Alliance and the legal advisor of the Big Data Alliance.

We are familiar with the practical dynamics and available resources of the massive data industry, and can help customers gain insight into the various risks they may face in applications and establish effective management measures and operating systems:

  • Organize an industry-government-university-academic industry service group guidance group

  • Customized planning of emerging industry development content

  • Data scientist talent training

  • Massive data management system education and training courses

  • Assist in diagnosing and preventing process risks

  • Assist in developing innovative business operating models

  • Provide legal advisory services for huge amounts of data

  • Data source inventory, screening and legality assessment

If you have any needs related to huge amounts of data, please visit "Contact us"Leave your questions and contact information, we will serve you wholeheartedly.

Personal information management system

After the new version of the Personal Data Protection Law is implemented, personal data management and maintenance is no longer just about system anti-virus and anti-hacking work, but must be assisted by managers in establishing appropriate management systems and standard operating procedures in advance to ensure that the Personal Data Protection Law It can play its role and achieve a win-win situation for both the industry and consumers. In addition, regardless of the size of government agencies or enterprises and the amount of personal information, they are all strictly regulated by the new version of the personal information law. In addition, the burden of proof is reversed. The agency or enterprise must bear the burden of proof to prove that it is not at fault. The company's management consulting team has professional knowledge and rich practical experience in personal data protection-related regulations and operations, and can assist customers in establishing personal information management systems and completing key responses to information protection/information security.

If you have any needs related to personal data protection, please visit "Contact us"Leave your questions and contact information, we will serve you wholeheartedly.

A woman looking at charts on the screen
Electronic medical and medical legal services

With the vigorous development of various wearable device applications, the mobile collection of large amounts of medical data has given us unlimited imagination about the "medical big data" formed by it, whether it is in the reconstruction of medical processes, improvement of medical efficiency, or the relationship between doctors and patients. In terms of improvement, hospital operation and management strengthening, etc., potential risks can be identified through data integration, interpretation and analysis to take effective measures. It can also inspire more innovative medical application ideas or possible sources of business opportunities. Since the beginning of the 20th century, e-commerce is still booming. The use of advanced information technology has significantly changed the traditional way of buying and selling. We believe that the concept of electronically integrating cash flow, information flow, and logistics-related data in business can also be used. It is applicable to the medical field, and from these medical big data, we can find an innovative medical management and operation method that starts from the needs of patients and realizes zero waiting, zero distance, full care, and full E.

In addition, our firm has a consultant group composed of professional doctors who are familiar with the medical and legal fields─United Medical and Legal Research Center, in addition to providing management consulting on new types of smart hospitals, it also provides a solid foundation for the development of the medical industry of the firm. From medical information management planning to medical and health insurance disputes or medical litigation, they are all key projects in the development field of the firm.

  • Shaping a model architecture for smart hospitals

  • E-commerce integrated medical application planning and execution

  • Integration and risk control of electronic medical records and financial services

  • Medical cash flow integration application planning

  • Cross-industry alliance and development ideas for telemedicine and e-commerce

  • Medical personal data risk assessment and recommendations

If you have any needs related to e-medicine, please leave your inquiry questions and contact information in "Contact Us", we will serve you wholeheartedly.

Electronic invoice

The company has participated in the Ministry of Finance's comprehensive promotion of electronic invoice application plan in 1999 - the first phase planning and supervision and verification outsourcing service case, and the second generation electronic invoice promotion guidance and supervision and verification outsourcing service case in 100-102, that is, the integration of tax laws, Personal Data Protection Law, Electronic Signature Law and other relevant laws, and taking into account information security and operations, assist the competent authorities in revising relevant laws and regulations, such as unified invoice usage methods, unified invoice reward methods, key points for the implementation of electronic invoices, and the establishment of physical consumption channels Key points for the implementation of electronic invoices (later renamed as "Key points for the implementation of electronic invoices issued by consumer channels"), and planning of relevant operating systems, such as love codes, mobile phone barcodes, natural person certificate barcodes, vehicle issuing agency management and other related precautions. At the same time, In the process of promotion, we also assist in communication and coordination when regulations conflict with other ministries, commissions and competent authorities, and provide many innovative ideas for cross-domain applications of electronic invoices.

  • Electronic invoice value-added service center application and operation planning

  • Electronic invoice regulatory consultation

  • Electronic invoice operation process consultation

  • Electronic invoice education and training planning and execution

  • Suggestions on innovative business models for electronic invoices

  • Suggestions on promoting customer relationship maintenance through electronic invoices

  • Electronic invoice system planning suggestions

  • Research on the development trend of international electronic invoices

If you have any needs related to electronic invoices, please go to "Contact Us" to leave your inquiries and contact information, and we will serve you wholeheartedly.

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