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About GuoJu

GuoJu Law Firm, associated with GuoJu Certified Public Accounting Firm, is founded to integrate diversified experts so as to provide professional legal services critical to the success of clients' business operations worldwide without being tripped by the complexity and diversity of expertise may being involved. Furthermore, we want to be a "One-Stop Shopping" Service Provider. Whatever and wherever clients have their legal concerns for business operations, we always provide solutions.

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GuoJu Law Firm

Our experienced lawyers are familiar with cross-strait development and have rich experience and observation in the fields of investment, mergers and acquisitions, taxation, human resources and labor, e-commerce, information technology, and
litigations. We are a group of legal, accounting, information, and management professionals with industry sensitivity and a constant focus on emerging issues, as well as a professional guide to provide companies with diverse thinking and innovative value.

Since January 1, 2014, GuoJu Law Firm has joined the Law Firm Network, become the only member firm in Taiwan, and has established a global professional legal network with other member firms in more than 50 countries and regions around the world to
provide international legal services to our clients.

We are looking forward to helping companies and individuals to experience the legal basis of rights management by providing different perspectives and leading the reshaping of value needs.

GuoJu Certified Public Accounting Firm

Successful business transactions

A clear objective, feasibility evaluation, good strategy, efficient processing, along with careful monitoring and controlling are the key elements to a successful business transaction. However, all these factors are involved with many different fields, such as finance, tax, accounting, and law. One improper step may expose you to a serious legal risk, or cause unnecessary high cost.


Our firm combines with accountants and lawyers who are specializing in finance, tax, accounting, and law. We customize and establish a full suite of services and resources to provide the most comprehensive, responsive, and proactive services to our clients so as to effectively control legal risks, bear optimal transaction costs and achieve maximum economic benefits.

With the strategic partnership between GuoJu Certified Public Accounting Firm and GuoJu Law Firm, we provide a full range of professional services as below:

Tax Consultation and Planning Services

corporate and individual income tax, will tax, inheritance tax

Tax Declaration Service

corporate and individual income tax, will tax, inheritance tax

Tax Litigation Service

administrative remedy and appeal representation and consultation. analysis and consultation concerning tax calculation, departure restrictions, tax security and administrative litigation

Financial Advisory Service

investment structuring, layout of share-holding, revising and scheduling share-holding, security of managing right

Financial Auditing Service

finance audit, tax audit, capital audit, special purpose audit

Registration Service

enterprise and trademark registration, capital raising, fund reducing, organization restructuring, liquidation service

General Accounting Services

bookkeeping and financial reporting, internal control audit, internal control evaluation

Data Technology

Yageo Management Consulting Co., Ltd.

國巨管理顧問股份有限公司(以下簡稱「本公司」)構建了陣容強大的資訊管理科技專家資源團隊,為企業提供一站式 (One-Stop Shopping) 的資訊管理科技服務。





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